Plant Hire Insurance

If you are looking for good quality of plant hire insurance then you will do well to identify the best company. A company that offers plant hire insurance for periods ranging from a day to one year and for every different kind of plant and machinery will certainly help you hire out your equipment in a safe manner.

Plant Hire –short period hire or annual plant hire

There are several different kinds of plant hire insurance plans available. The short period plant hire insurance is one option while the annual plant hire insurance is another option. In the case of short period plant hire insurance you will be given protection without needing to purchase an annual policy. Such form of plant hire insurance is well suited for contractors and for the person that occasionally hires plant and machinery.

Hire for a day

Short term plant hire insurance is available for a day but you can also hire plant for a year. This form of plant hire insurance will cover the plant and machinery against various threats including theft and malicious damage and also against accidental damage and even against continuing hire charges.

Hire for a year

The annual plant hire insurance is designed especially to provide protection for those who have hired plant and machinery. This kind of insurance will provide protection for all kinds of plant and machinery for 250000 pound value. The policy will include protection for continuing hiring charges.

Plant hire insurance

It is important to buy plant hire insurance – whether short term or annual – because there is always a risk that the machinery can be damaged or stolen and if this happens then the consequences can be pretty dire. If the machinery is damaged or stolen then you will have to pay the rental company its charges. In order to protect yourself from such a possibility it is in your best interests to purchase plant hire insurance.

Fortunately, there are many companies that are selling plant hire insurance. You can choose to buy annual plant hire insurance or you can purchase the insurance for a shorter period of time. This kind of cover is the best means of protecting yourself and such insurance is typically bought by contractors and tradesmen as well as by those who occasionally hire plant and machinery.

Short period plant hire insurance can be purchased for as little as approximately forty-eight pounds and the term of the insurance can vary from one day to three months. If you are going to be using the equipment for a longer period of time then you should buy annual plant hire insurance.

Before purchasing plant hire insurance, you must provide the insurance company with some information that includes the value of the plant, hire charges and period of hire. You will also need to inform the insurance company whether the plant has an immobiliser. Once you have provided this information you can then obtain an instant quote.

JCB Insurance Services is a good option for those who are looking to purchase short term plant hire insurance. You can obtain a quote from them by calling 01889 590219.

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