Heavy Plant Hire

For your heavy plant hire requirements, you will do well to find out more about Nationwide Hire. This is because Nationwide Hire has all the resources as well as expertise to help you obtain all your heavy plant hire requirements. There are certain plant machineries that are more in demand than others. Dumpers are a popular option for those who are looking for heavy plant hire.

Plant Hire -Dumpers

If you need dumpers then there are a few options available to you. These include the two wheel and four wheel drive dumpers and then there are side discharge dumper trucks and skip-loading and swivel as well as narrow width and more.


Cranes are another option available to those who are looking for heavy plant hire equipment. These are again available in various sizes and if you deal with Nationwide Hire they will arrange to make a site survey after which they will offer you with a quotation.


For those who are in need of heavy plant hire equipment, the fork lift is an item that is much in demand. These items of plant machinery help in lifting pallets in warehouses and they can also be used to carry heavy loads across terrain that is rough.

You can also opt for telescopic handlers which again are available for hire. When looking for such heavy plant hire equipment you will find many options including those that can lift payloads that weigh up to four tonnes and which can also lift loads to heights of between four meters and thirteen meters.

Generators – both static and towable – are also popular among companies that need heavy plant hire equipment. These items of equipment are normally required for applications such as site work, road works and where there has been a temporary shutdown of power.

Rollers are also much in demand for companies that would like to pay for heavy plant hire. It is possible to choose from single and twin drum pedestrian operated rollers which can be used for pavements and drives as well as for base preparation. For larger areas, you can think about paying for heavy plant hire of ride on rollers which can be used when constructing a road or even a highway.

Nationwide Hire

Nationwide Hire is a great company to deal with for all your heavy plant hire requirements. This company serves the entire United Kingdom and can deliver plant to you within a few hours of placing the order. In addition, they will provide heavy plant hire equipment that has been obtained from the most reliable suppliers. This ensures that customers always get the best in heavy plant hire.

Nationwide Hire offers heavy plant hire for all kinds of customers and for all kind of applications. If you would like to know more about their rates, simply visit their website and fill out a form and after that they will provide you with quote.

When it concerns heavy plant hire, there are many categories to choose from including some such as bulldozers, laser controlled, bulldozers, laser levelling, dozers, dumpers, rail track equipment and much more.

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