Hire It Plant Hire

If you are looking to hire it plant hire companies such as AJK Plant Hire Ltd are a good choice. This company is there to provide help with all your hire it plant hire needs as well as requirements. AJK Plant Hire Ltd is a family run business that is based in the North West of England and more particularly in Warrington. It is there to provide hire it plant hire services and is also able to deliver various kinds of machines to different parts of the UK. The best part is that this company that offers to hire it plant hire services are very competitively priced for each item of plant machinery that you want to hire out.

Plant Hire –AJK Plant Hire Ltd

AJK Plant Hire Ltd has more than four decades of experience in providing hire it plant hire service and has been hiring out Low Ground Pressure plant and machineries for a long time. It is a company that has expertise and exhaustive knowledge about hire it plant hire and it enjoys an enviable reputation for providing the best services. it also takes great pride in servicing its customers in the most efficient and friendly manner.

If you are looking to get hire it plant hire services, then AJK Plant Hire Ltd is there to provide operated as well as self driven hire of their machineries. They will also offer haulage on the very same day or on the next day at the latest.

If you would like to check out what kind of hire it plant hire services are being provided by AJK Plant Hire Ltd here are a few examples:

  • Low Ground Pressure dump trucks
  • Excavators – steel and rubber tracked
  • Bulldozers
  • Site dumpers
  • Tracked Dumpers

Huge Fleet

AJK also has a huge fleet of Hydrema dump trucks. In fact, its fleet of these trucks is the largest in the entire United Kingdom and the trucks will provide excellent service for those who need to perform Low Ground Pressure earth moving services. They have the excellent Hydrema 922 ADT which is the perfect solution for those who are looking for hire it plant hire of something that is in between the regular twenty-five tonne ADT and also the Big tracked dumpers that are widely used in quarries.

Hydema 922

AJK is there to provide hire it plant hire services on the Hydrema 922 on eight hundred millimetre wide floatation tires which help in reducing ground bearing pressure by a considerable amount. The best thing about hiring the Hydrema 922 is that it does not consume much fuel. This will result in considerable savings as well.

If you are looking for self drive hire it plant hire services then again AJK Plant Hire Ltd is a good option. If you already have drivers that are able to drive the machinery then you can take advantage of the self drive hire it plant hire services being offered by AJK.

However, should you require someone to operate your hired machinery then AJK is there to provide operators that are fully qualified and who can drive their machines at your site. Each operator has CPCS certification.

For more information on hire it plant hire from AJK Plant Hire you can call them at 01606 891327.

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